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Epidural vs subdural hematoma- epidural space contains meningeal ARTERIES. Subdural space traversed by bridging VEINS.

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Epidural hematoma - hemorrhage between skill & dura Subdural hematoma - hemorrhage between dura & arachnoid

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This exhibit depicts a left craniotomy with evacuation of an epidural hematoma. A large laceration of the left scalp is extended to form a curvilinear incision. The skin is reflected, exposing the skull, and a craniotomy flap is burred. The bone flap is removed and the epidural hematoma is evacuated with suction. Hemostasis is achieved with bipolar cautery and dural tacking sutures. The craniotomy flap is then positioned back into the skull and secured with miniplates. A Jackson-Pratt drain

Epidural hematoma

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#Epidural Hematoma. A life threatening condition with excellent recovery when addressed emergently. Read about it at

Natasha Richardson with Husband, Liam Neeson. Born 05/11/1963 Died 03/18/2009 (aged 45) Cause of death: (Epidural hematoma) sustained a head injury when she fell while taking a beginner skiing lesson

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Brain Lobes And Function Chart | figure 2 the brain is composed of three parts the brainstem cerebellum ...

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