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EOtech 552 holographic sight. I never thought I'd actually pay money for one of these as they generally retail between $500-$600 but during my time in Afghanistan I made a few contacts and was able to get one of these for close to nothing. My suggestion to someone wanting one of these, either buy a replica(which you can find on most airsoft websights) or go with a bushnell. These will serve it's purpose save you a few hundred dollars. The reason EOtechs will run you so much is due to the IR…


AR15 with Magpul EMAG and EOTech Sights. Brugger & Thomet Vertical Grip & Streamlight TLR-2


EOTech HHS III Holographic Hybrid Sight III 518.2 with G33.STS Magnifier Black | Badoptics - 1


EOTech XPS2-0 Holographic Weapon Sight 65 MOA Circle 1 MOA Aiming Dot 1X Magnification Oh yeah, ol' Rambo would love one of these!


EOTECH HHSI EXPS3-4 & G33 Magnifier Save those thumbs & bucks w/ free shipping on this magloader I purchased mine No more leaving the last round out because it is too hard to get in. And you will load them faster and easier, to maximize your shooting enjoyment.