Infographic - United States Environmental Impact via Enviance

Have you ever wondered what 25 billion styrofoam cups looks like? What about 314 million metric tons of carbon dioxide? Check out this infographic for a sobering look at the environmental impact of carbon emissions, pollution and waste in the United State

Next time someone asks me what an environmental engineer does I'm sending them this.

Cosidering an environmental engineering degree as a second degree and a good combo with my business degree.

Do you want to LITERALLY save the world? Learn about careers in environmental sustainability, and the steps that high school students can take to get there! #sustainability #STEMcareers #STEMeducation

Engineers are needed in the world of future sustainability research and development. My first steps to getting there involve higher education and real world experience found in internships and co-ops.

What can I do with a degree in Environmental Engineering? (Infographic)

There are those who dedicate their professional lives to protecting it, and among them, environmental engineers may be some of the most fascinating.

I'm an Environmental Engineer

I'm an Environmental Engineer

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Sample Page 1 - Career Paths: Environmental Engineering

Career Paths: Environmental Engineering is a new educational resource for environmental engineering professionals who want to improve their English communication in a work environment.

Alicia Clough - I love this infographic because it clearly and easily shows the problems, the impact, the solution and the benefits of those solutions.

INFOGRAPHIC: How short-term energy is killing our planet

Fossil fuels currently drive around of energy production levels. Latest figures suggest that our most plentiful resource, coal, has a maximum lifespan of 250 years, with oil and natural gas falling much shorter.

10 Advancements in Environmental Engineering - HowStuffWorks

10 Advancements in Environmental Engineering

Climate Engineering (a sub-specialty of Environmental Engineering) is picking up steam! #environment #engineering #engineer

Climate engineering ideas no longer considered pie in the sky

Fusion Energy: A Practical Guide [Infographic]

It could provide clean, cheap, inexhaustible power to the world. So why haven't we figured it out yet?

Environmental Engineers - goodluz / 123RF #maryland | Repinned by @mnorrisgeolab

What Does an Environmental Engineer Do?

What Does an Environmental Engineer Do?: An environmental engineer tests the water quality of a river while another records the results.

Portable water, due to water quality or aridness, is a scarcity in much of the world. Students interested in a hands-on look at tackling this problem can explore one way to make seawater drinkable in the "Solar-Powered Water Desalination" environmental science Project Idea. A convenient science project kit is available in the Science Buddies Store.  [Source: Science Buddies]

Solar-Powered Water Desalination Science Project: Build and test a solar-powered device for desalinating water and investigate how the color of the bottom of the device affects its efficiency.

Material Science and Environmental Engineering : Proceedings of the 3rd Annual 2015 International

Material Science and Environmental Engineering : Proceedings of the 3rd Annual 2015 International