Enid Blyton - the Famous Five. Old-school? Yes. Twee? Yes. Fantastical? Yes. It still doesn't make us love Enid Blyton's series any less. All the best things about Old Britain, condensed into a narrative.

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The Enchanted Wood.  Enid Blyton  A book I loved as a child, and still have in my collection...  I always read the author as 'Gnid' though, and was surprised as a teen to learn that was a letter E!

The Enchanted Wood - loved this cover, saved for Lyric. Our cottage in Meeting Green bordered a field with tall trees so my mother would pack a lunch for me and I would take it to the trees and wait for the Faraway Folk, lol.

"The book that made me fall in love with books... "The Enchanted wood" by Enid Blyton I was gripped from the moment my mum began to read it to my brother and I and I'm now enjoying reading it to my own two for the first time. I love watching their faces as they hear about the adventures of all the different characters and I truly hope that it sparks a great love for books in them too" - Elaine Parry

Enid Blyton 'The Enchanted Wood' - this and the Faraway Tree were some of my favourite childhood books

Enid Blyton books .  Love this series.  I have some from when I was a kid, and also some at the library.  Now it is time to share them with my kids :-)

Five on a Treasure Island The Famous Five - Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog.

One of Mum's favourites, that became one of mine.

Enid Blyton - The Folk of the Faraway Tree. This is exactly the one I had! Could spend the afternoon reading this and dreaming away. Favourite childhood book ever.