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English to chinese characters

In this two cultures language and images are used to express an idea: Chinese language uses ideograms that are written signs used to repr...

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Turning the english spelling of Hong Kong 90 degrees to resemble double happiness 囍 character. 一个非常巧妙的海报设计。囍字逆时针转90°,就变成了HONGKONG。

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Some doors don't even have locks and yet they even lock too. Everyone in each room must use what's in the room with them to save themselves and help the others too.

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Make easy foldable flashcards out of paper to help you revise - this would work well for formulas, techinal terms, dates or language vocab

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I feel you China. finally someone understands that food is more important then life!

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The Magic Paintbrush. Julia Donaldson's Picturebook Plays site with character list, prop & costume list and ideas for putting on a performance of The Magic Paintbrush.

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Chinese Mandarin Colors and Practice

Want to know what colors are in Mandarin Chinese?Here are the common colors in Mandarin!!This file includes the characters, the pinyin, and English meaning for each of the colors.There is also a practice worksheet for kids to complete.*Answer sheet is attachedUtilizing this lesson will help children identify and practice colors in Mandarin Chinese!

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Andre Simon Book awards: a conversation with Fuchsia Dunlop

Andre Simon Book awards: a conversation with Fuchsia Dunlop I met Fuchsia Dunlop the British expert on Chinese food on a rainy January evening at the friendlyBar Shu a Sichuan restaurant in London's Chinatown. Her latest book Land of Fish and Rice Recipes from the Culinary Heart of China has been shortlisted for the Andre Simon Food and Drink Book Awardsfor 2016. Thanks for meeting me today. Your name is unusual. The only other Fuchsia I've ever heard of was a character in the…