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This page lists exercises to practice verb conjugation in the tenses taught in a typical Spanish curriculum. To view the conjugation chart for each exercise, click .

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I'm sharing with you an English tenses summary and a very easy exercise that's going to help you to master the most common English tenses.

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Verb Tense Exercise - Fill in the blanks using the #verbs in the bracket to complete the conversation. For more #EnglishWorksheets and #Activities for #kids, visit:

English verb tenses table with examples pictures - Learning English with videos and pictures

English tenses table with examples. Learn about tenses through pictures

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Spanish activities: This idea could be used to practice Spanish verbs - kids toss the ball to each other and act out the verb their thumb is touching. Spanish vocabulary could include: saltar, sentarse, correr, llorar, cantar, bostezar, bailar, etc.

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