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Lemony Mashed Vitelotte Potatoes with Baked Fish in Sticks Fish and potatoes can be combined in so many ways. Try English fish and chips or a rich fish chowder. Something else you might like to try is this lemon fish and potato dish which is so elegant yet so easy.

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I was taught how to cook fish and chips by my mum when I was about 12 years old; we were living in Hong Kong at the time and it was my mums way of treating us to a little bit of home as a treat! My mum had this recipe written down on the back of an old envelope stuck inside her Be-Ro cookbook from 1952 - I never use any other method now! One trick is to make sure that everything is prepared and assembled ready for frying takeoff!!! If you are cooking for two or more people, have your oven on…

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Takeaway Fish and chips with plastic cutlery on oval chinet board takeaway plate #nationalchipweek

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