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Pre 1971 Money. Money was divided into pounds (£) shillings (s. or /-) and pennies (d.). Thus, 4 pounds, eight shillings and fourpence would be written as £4/8/4d. or £4-8-4d.

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pre-decimal coinage - Google Image Result for

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Viking coins

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Mary I & Philip Shilling, 1554 - was the first English coin to bear a double portrait.

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A Pretty Vintage English Country Garden Wedding

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"Rare English Coin, Gold Ryal, Queen Mary (Bloody Mary) in ship with sword and shield, 1553-1554"

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It was really a pretty little coin: The English 6d of Oak sprigs and acorns ~ The sixpence, known colloquially as the tanner, or half-shilling, was a British pre-decimal coin, worth six (pre-1971) pence, or 1/40th of a pound sterling. The first sixpences were struck in the reign of Edward VI in 1551 and continued until they were rendered obsolete by decimalisation in 1971.

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Historic Coins – Old Coins | The Royal Mint

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