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Engine Rebuild Cost – What Is Included In Price? -

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Any fans of LS Motors out there? With people putting them in anything from kit cars to Ferraris, here is a great article we have on our website that gives you the details on each LS version, check it out!

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Fairlady Z Jun 350Z-R AWD Collection item 0:53 machine in Tsukuba Circuit Japan The last master piece of Susumu Koyama(小山進) Built cost more than 300K euro dollars Fully built and tuned by Jun Machine Shop in Japan from a 2008 brandnew Z350 Max Power:828PS/6370rpm Max Torque 96.2gf-m/5900rpm ENGINE Bore x Stroke 95.7mm x 87.4mm Engine Displacement 3772cc Piston JUN Forged Aluminum 95.7mm (Custom Kit) Connecting Rod JUN I-Beam (Custom Kit) Crank shaft JUN…

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What is "Cost Conscious Racing" We use cost conscious to describe our 3 signature classes. Well - Cost conscious is when you can get more than 2 full seasons out of a complete engine rebuild. Cost Conscious is using 1 set of tires for an entire season at a cost lower than some classes pay for a weekend. Cost Conscious is generally giving you more track time in a single day than other organizations give you in an entire weekend. Cost Conscious is not having to have the widget or gizmo

At Hoosier Performance Auto we have the capabilities and knowledge to keep your vehicles serviced and on the road at an affordable rate. We have the technology to properly diagnose your vehicle from the simple blown fuse, to a complex engine rebuild. Our goal is to help you as a customer keep your vehicle safe and efficient at a manageable cost.

Scotland... I'm on my way. (I may need a Vespa with a bigger engine though).

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Do you need a remanufactured engine? We’re here to help you backed with 37-years of experience! Call and speak to an expert! #ModernEngine Call (818) 208-1155