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Energy healers gain information about the health of the body by scanning the energy/auric field with their hands. They observe changes in feeling, heat, coldness, texture, density and sensation.

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Resin cast of arteries in the brain. Your brain consumes about 20% of your body's energy so it needs a lot of blood flow to keep it supplied with nutrients. Even knowing that, the density of the neurons here amazes me--they look almost the size of the brain itself! KNITWEAR CORRELATION

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Crop Circle at Ackling Dyke, Nr Sixpenny Handley, Doreset, United Kingdom. Reported 29th June 2014

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"We’re told to think of objects as an extension of ourselves. Just like we move our foot or when we pick something up – it’s the same thing. There’s a space between you and an object, but it’s your energy reaching for it. You’re still moving it, only this extension of you is invisible."

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Precious Black Opal (Ethiopian) - An excellent ally for the Spiritual Warrior. A useful stone in karmic release, past-life regression or any sub-conscious awareness work. Black Opal assists in breaking up density in the body (tumors/cysts).

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