A team of scientists discovered that pollution around the Hawaiian islands is causing lethal tumors in the endangered sea turtle population. The report, which was published in the peer-reviewed open-access journal PeerJ, states that high levels of nitrogen from urban and farm runoff have poisoned the algae that sea turtles eat, causing deadly tumors to grow on the poor turtles’ flippers, eyes and internal organs.

Sea Turtles Need You Tell NMFS: Protect threatened and endangered sea turtles The federal government is failing to do its job to protect threatened and endangered sea turtles from needless suffering and death. Each year, more than 50,000 threatened or endangered sea turtles may be killed by trawls meant for catching shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico and neighboring waters. That’s almost 150 killed every single day. Three simple steps can help save these sea turtles. The federal government…

Turtles are very common in Oaxaca. Mexico sent their navy to several beaches in order to protect endangered sea turtle eggs. People used to kill the turtles and then take them a turtle processing plant. Now almost 1 million turtles lay their eggs in Oaxaca.

Scientists use underwater robots to find, and hopefully save, endangered sea turtles in North Carolina.

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