Leave students a new note every morning. Something to encourage them and get them ready for the day!

30+ Ways to Feel Prepared in the Classroom (Plus Free Printable

I created these fun little notes to pass out to my students to encourage them and to celebrate those little moments when they do something wonderful. They are the perfect size to print and keep in a drawer for when the time arises that you need one (and they fit perfectly in the square sticky pockets from Target in case you have these!)There are 18 notes provided.

Motivational Notes

32 End of Year Encouragement Testing Tags for Students!  *Available in the PDF download and as PNG images.  You can use these tags for daily desk treats for students taking end of grade tests. Many tags can be used attached to candy/snacks/pencils, or you can use them alone! http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Kim-Miller-24

Easing the Stress of Testing: Encouraging Desk Notes for Students

These bookmarks are great to print for students for end of grade test review!  The mnemonics include: RELAX (for reading strategies) and CUBES (for math strategies).  The strategies are used for taking multiple choice end of grade tests.    *These bookmarks can be used with an grade level!  Print and laminate for long lasting bookmarks students can use over and over!!!   ENJOY!!! :)  Also available:  <a…

Testing Strategies: Relax & Cubes Poster Set & Bookmarks for Students