"There are two times when parenting is the most difficutl. When the baby first arrives at home, and when the adult first leaves home." Jennifer Quinn #Parenting #quote 3MomsTips.com

For me the most difficult was when my son left home and it still is difficult for us but we're getting used to it.

To my child ...... <3

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Raising them well and letting them go (emotionally) was easy.  But the end of an era - the minute they walk out that door (if you've done your job right) "home" isn't at mom's house anymore and never will be again - almost unbearable!  And nobody mentions this at all!

Raising your child well is hard. But learning to let them go out into the world and prove that you did your job right is even tougher.

As a soon to be empty nester I can relate

I learned, when my heart would ache to stop and thank God they aren't 20 and still in a baby bed.

how lucky i am...wise old Winnie the Pooh                              …

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard" -- Winnie the Pooh.well said.

I know you are an adult now Brandon living your own life...  as you grow up and you don;t need me, I need you more...  sad isn't ?   love you.

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