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Autism Resources for Parents

Autism resources for parents including DIY sensory tools, free printables, free social stories, & inspirational quotes #speechtherapy @autism

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Advertising in social media: a review of empirical evidence: International Journal of Advertising: Vol 35, No 2

The Digital Divide : This book provides an in-depth comparative analysis of inequality and the stratification of the digital sphere. Grounded in classical sociological theories of inequality, as well as empirical evidence, this book defines ‘the digital divide’ as the unequal access and utility of internet communications technologies and explores how it has the potential to replicate existing social inequalities, as well as create new forms of stratification. The Digital Divide ex...

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A pilot of a commercial airliner made a mistake that irrefutably PROVES the existence of “CHEMTRAILS” — by forgetting to turn them off before he landed! We have video of the plane landing while still spraying CHEMTRAILS as it hits the runway.

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TheMotivatedType on Etsy

That's why people insist they are right and say they will "agree to disagree" It has nothing to do with logic or facts. TRUE, SCIENTISM = NARCISSISM TOO OFTEN, AS EVIDENCED ABOVE PHOTO. ;-)

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Why there is no empirical evidence of man-made global warming | Climate Change Dispatch

"I'll believe what men wrote about an invisible creator, of which there is no solid evidence or proof, 2,000 years ago, but not what empirical scientific theory with multitudes of solid evidence-based proof that's underwent thousands of tests, and thusly passed, implies." Most idiotic thing I've ever had the displeasure of reading.

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Please help - Psychology Masters Research Prospective Memory and Time Perception. Louise Mcdonnell says 'I am a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist doing a Masters thesis into the difficulty of forward planning and adult ADHD with the plan that if I have empirical evidence to support a link between these two things then we as counsellors can come up with a better service. So if, because of ADHD difficulties, people forget appointments they do not lose their place in the queue. Needs…

One Nation senator joins new world order of climate change denial

One Nation’s Queensland senator Malcolm Roberts - A 'know all' who knows nothing about the science of climate change or even what empirical evidence means& with Australia's crazy election system for the Senate was elected with just a few hundred votes !