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Inspiration: Surreal Photo Montages by Thomas Barbéy

Black and White Photomontages This image suggests that deep inside the body there is something hidden that could be famous and well known for e.g. Taj Mahal (7 wonders) or how there is a strong emotion buried down deep e.g. Taj Mahal was made in love. This links to my theme of people, emotions and actions based on those emotions.

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Construction workers building the United Nations Headquarters with the Empire State building in the background. New York City, December 1949

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Always lovely! The 13th century ruins of Tintagel Castle, overlooking the ocean in Cornwall, England. Excavations demonstrated that this was a fortified home of the ruler of Cornwall in about 500AD. The largest fortified site of the ‘Arthurian’ period, i

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Map of Welsh castles. The castles of Wales were not only built by the English as part of their conquest and control of the local population, many were built by the Welsh Princes themselves. Internal feuding between them led to weakness and made conquest that much easier. How many other places in the old British Empire fell for the exact same reason ? rjp

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Beautiful Embroidered Empire Waistline Wedding Gown: Georgian Inspiration. Incorparate your Lucky Birth Month Colour into the Design Work: Link:

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For conservatives, most appalling commodity was Chinese silk: fragile and see through, immodest. “For Seneca, silk was simply a cipher for exoticism and eroticism.” Edicts passed by law to forbid silk.

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40 maps that explain the Roman Empire

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I don't care how many tall buildings are built in NYC, nothing comes close to the Empire State Building.

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Daily Positive Affirmations for Business and Life

Daily positive affirmations for your business and life. Click through for more

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Wall Street & Broadway, New York, NYC, Sepia, Duotone, City, Urban, Finance, NY, Money, Photography, Photograph, Photo, Fine Art

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