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YES. This is how I feel, why I spoke out. I'm so frickin' worried she's going to screw over more people.

YES. This is how I feel, why I spoke out. I'm so frickin' worried she's going to screw over more people.


I agree, if your dealing with a Narcissist please do your research and find out more about narcissism, borderline personality and their defence mechanism (projection, gaslighting, displacement, spitting, divide and conquer tactics, triangulation etc). Ignorance, fear and submission is what the narcissist feeds on.


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Yes!!! This is so accurate! The lack of true caring and concern for someone's happiness and safety is unbelievable. It's always about the Emotional Vampires WANTS/NEEDS! It's all about them... What they want, what they need, what they're trying to get from you, about the false image they are trying to portray, etc. Disgusting!


This explains any relationship where one of the two are always feeling alone, blamed or is always giving and never bring surprised by the other. Always having to chase or apologize. Move on. So many people waste their lives on selfish idiots.


…..Emotional Vampires hide their evil souls behind a mask. They deliberately cause chaos. Don't confuse someone who can be saved w/ someone that you will need to be SAVED FROM.


A systematic dismantling of another person's relationships, reputation, emotional, physical and spiritual health.AKA sending letters to my family about me and defaming me to my daughters...and that's my sister! Mum and her need to start up their own nutty support group.


Boundaries... Emotional Vampires don't respect or like it when you set boundaries. They'll often throw tantrums and accuse you of "ignoring" them…Stand strong, SET YOUR BOUNDARIES! Narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse