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Celie Emotional Rescue Earrings

Description:Crystal dangle hoop earrings featuring clear and pink dangles Length:1.75" Materials:czech glass, gold plate, gold plated hoops Origin:Hand made in the USA at the Manic Trout studio in Austin, TX Inspired by:Emotional Rescue by St. Vincent Material: czech glass, gold plate, gold plated hoops Item Fit / Dimensions: 1.75" Made In: Austin, TX USA Shipped From: Austin, TX USA Lead Time: 3 - 4 days

Love does not conquer all. What you’re experiencing or what you've experienced in your relationship probably isn’t love; it’s a distorted, twisted version of it. You can’t fix or rescue someone from being abusive, sick, dysfunctional and lost in their own highly distorted reality. In fact, trying to rescue an abuser—particularly if they are a borderline, a narcissist, a histrionic or a sociopath—is akin to trying to rescue to drowning person who’s crying for help and then...


the better man project.


But then sometimes it's ok to be floored by something for a minute. We all stumble sometimes

from Portofino Records

THE ROLLING STONES--Emotional Rescue

Stones Emotional,Emotional Rescue,The Rolling Stones

A collection of very emotional videos that will make you feel optimistic about life and that will make you reconsider if humanity is so lost after all. Brave humans helping those in need or just spreding the love around the world. Enjoy! #brave #emotion #emotional #faith #faith in humanity restored #help #helping #hope #humanity #humans #inner self #inspirational #love #motivational #rescue #restored #videos