Hilarious Text Message About Love

Hilarious Text Message About Love

A fabulous book to teach about growth mindset. What is wisdom? What is the message in the story?

This week we've been reading Only One You by Linda Kranz. The story is illustrated using photographs of painted stones, so we decided to make some painted stones too.

Awesome A Level artwork by Elena Tomas Bort, completed at the Laude British School of Vila-real, Spain. Elena’s focuses upon how to draw eyes so that they reveal emotions and reflect messages about life.

How to draw realistic eyes within a high school Art project

Archangel Jophiel,  I ask for your help and encouragement to give me the motivation to clear my life and home of all unnecessary emotional and physical clutter.  Thank you for being there. <3

Archangel Parchment Scrolls - 36 Angel Prayers to the 15 Archangels - Send a prayer to the Archangels - Free

you will never have this day with your children again, parenting quote

In the Blink of an Eye

My fluffy-bird-head boy and my beautiful brave girl, fast asleep in their beds.

http://get-selfhelp.com/category/anger-management/ http://get-selfhelp.com/category/stress-management/

19 Super-Interesting Facts About Pixars Inside Out Inside Out Feelings Book

be that girl who wakes up with purpose and intent. be that girl who shows up and never gives up. be that girl who believes anything is possible and is willing to work for it.

Do what you love, love what you do. Probably one of the most common quotes ever used. Here's why we shouldn't take it quite so literally though.

The primary focus is to present emotional, unconscious messages that our body is communicating through our physical maladies. In general, the body is letting us know when we are off and on track all the time. Our complicated lives distract us from these communications informing us when to get back on board. Clarity and transformation ...

Emotional Pain Chart

The Open Mind - emotional pain chart - mind body connection. very interesting. though it's a matter of interpretation.