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Introducing Emoji Factory Emoticon Emoji Plush Backpack for boys and girls.Plush backpack with emoji face design Adjustable shoulder straps Great to help your child get back to school.Product dimensions: 10.6″ x 9.4″ x 2.6″.Cute gift for kids to carry coloring books, puzzles, snacks, gym clothes and more! There are different design like Heart Eyes Smiling …

Emoji With Heart Eyes Cookie Cutter

Poop Emoji Keychain 😱

Poop Emoji Keychain How cute the different poop emoji's with heart eyes, sunglasses, sticking out tongue and smiling. Never used, no packaging but it was never used. Silver hardware. Accessories Key & Card Holders


We really like the feel of these hearts with their emotican faces - not sure if there's a way to incorporate something like this into the logo?


Which Emoji Matches Your Soul?

I got Pile o' Poop! I thought I'd get that... "You don't give a poop what other people think, which makes you one rad human. Friends sometimes call you "sneaky snake" because you're clever, spontaneous, and hilarious. Oh, and you've been known to pull a legendary prank or two. Go 'head with your bad self.". Why am I glad I got that?... |---| Akwa