a little emo. I'd make it a little brighter <<< There is nothing wrong with emo

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Is it weird that I would not mind being chained to a emo boy XD or for any boy I have a crush on for that matter cx

Evan: Can we really be together...? Kori: Like this...?                                                                                                                                                      More

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I don't know whether I like it or hate it.

>>this is hilarious because he's god of holy emo trinity but also Satan and the illuminati more like Brendonati 😂

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Jason sneaking up behind his triplet? cause Serenity doesn't look like that, and the Manson triplets are cloer than normal

Funniest emo pic ever.

Funniest emo pic ever.>>I don't feel as though this is funny as I am emo and I struggle daily to get my jeans off when I insist on wearing skin-tight jeans and my mum tells me that I only wear "spray-on jeans".

Repin if you are in love with emo boys cause they are perfect<3

I like emo boys, emo girls, and everyone in between. You don't even have to be emo.

Me and Sam. Shhh, don't tell mom that I'm with him. He's my best friend, don't worry he's not my boyfriend. ((If someone likes to Rp as him I would be very happy))

(Rp anyone I need someone to be the guy) I looked at Alex eyes, maybe it was time to tell him my feelings. We were holding hands as always, but this time felt different. (The girls name on this Rp is Maia)

yanımda oldukça etraf ve zaman yhok durmuş gibi hersey heykel

ADOPTED Mikki and Zim. They'd never go anywhere without each other, and would do anything to keep the other safe. Must be adopted together, and kept together at all times.