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IT'S EMO BOY O'CLOCK ! ♥_____________________________ Click the image and check out some awesome Really Cute Emo Boys T-Shirts ________________

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There's a Fine Line Between Love and Hate - Black Veil Brides Fanfiction

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I thought of angels choking on their halos, get them drunk on rose water

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I'm considered emo (although, like all labels, I hate that label) so yeah, I can say this is true.

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I'm Wolfe. I like technology and machines. I'm not too good with people, so I prefer to be alone. My parents sent me here because they think I need a life and I need to be more friendly towards this alien race. Anyway if you need me- wait I'm not really needed, so if you're crazy enough to talk to me, I'll be somewhere probably working on a machine. Bye.

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Please may we get married and have cute little kids that we can raise to love bands and take to warp tour every year.

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Being single sucks-Zach

Hey. My names Blake. I'm a gay type C. 15. I'm Blazes best friend. I'm really outgoing and I like art. Introduce?

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Hot Emo Boy.Enjoy more at my EMO BOY DIARY. Cute emo boy biting his sweatshirt sleeve :D so adorable

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Uh hi! I'm Ash. I'm agender so I don't classify as any gender. I'm single and would date anyone no matter what they are. I love to play the guitar and you can usually find me somewhere quiet writing poems. I'm also always depressed and only some people make me happy.. Im pretty lonely so come say hi?

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