Aladdin (Tattooed by DisneyHardcore

Punked Disney ── Punked Alice

"But my dear, you are not Alice and this is not Wonderland." my favorite

imo eric and belle just can't pull off punk. i've seen some really good tries, but they just aren't punk kind of people

"Emo Disney" it better than regular Disney

emo disney characters | Via Thorn Rose. THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE OH MY GOD

Punk disney Jack Frost tatted Holy freaking glob he is more attractive than of the real people I know.

Cuanto juego da mezclar el Heavy metal con las princesas encanta

20 Tattooed and Pierced Disney Characters goth Belle

Punk Disney Characters | Disney Punk

Punk Disney ❤ punk Ariel and Eric

"☺ Disney Gone Wild ☺" by posionousrose2 ❤ liked on Polyvore

"☺ Disney Gone Wild ☺" by << Aladdin tho

Image result for the emo version of brave the movie

Image result for the emo version of brave the movie

Disney Princesses gone Bad

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Wallpaper and background photos of goth rapunzel for fans of Disney Princess images.

Disney Characters With Tattoos Tumblr

Best Disney Pixar Rebels - The Awesome Side Of Disney In Heavy Metal, Emo, Punk Rock, Goth Style

The hottest Punk Rock, Metal, Goth & Emo Disney Rebel Characters you will ever see 2013

Goth-Punk Disney - Gothic Life

We the real princesses dress like this

Emo Disney Characters | Posted by mikey bennett about a year ago

Create and share emo tinker bell graphics and comments with friends.

Lol I know this is disney but I still want that color

Punk princess Ariel the little mermaid Disney

Jack Frost - No idea what this is, it just looked cool, like if Jack went goth or emo.

Imagine #11

one of vaughns favs disney punk edits jack frost

Punk Disney Ariel- her tattoo reminds me of raava from LoK >> pinning for the comment!! So true though!!!

Which punk disney princess are YOU?

Found this random quiz on which PUNK princess I am. I'm a sucker for quizzes, so I had to take it, and I got punk Ariel. I'm actually pretty satisfied with my results. Punk Ariel doesn't look too bad.