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Emmett Till, 61 Years Later: Let's Stop Pretending We'll Never Forget

This event, and many others in our history, should never be forgotten. Hate needs to stop. Emmett Till, 61 Years Later: Let's Stop Pretending We'll Never Forget


The day fourteen-year-old Emmett Till was brutally murdered for allegedly whistling at a white woman was a sad day in Black history.

The badly beaten corpse of Emmett Till a 14 year old African-American boy who was murdered in Mississippi for reportedly flirting with a white women. Emmett Till was given a public funeral in an open casket to show the brutality of the beating. The death rallied support for civil right all over America.


56 Years Ago Today (Emmett Died 08/28/55)- Emmett Till Case - First News Mention of Emmett Till Kidnapping by Mississippi Whites pt 1 - Jet ...


Smithsonian's African American History Museum Acquires Emmett Till Casket

The National Museum of African American History and Culture has acquired the original casket of Emmett Till, whose brutal murder in 1955 energized the modern civil rights movement.

Quote by mother of Emmett Till reminds me of the tale..."and then they came for me and there was no one to speak up for me."


Emmett Till Body | ... on Emmett Till's body that was given to him byhis father, Louis Till

Emmett Till....They dragged him from his great-uncle’s house and secreted him away to a barn, where they beat him and gouged out one of his eyes. Then they shot him through the head and disposed of his body in the Tallahatchie River...His grossly disfigured body was discovered in the river three days later....Till’s mother insisted on having a public funeral with an open casket so the world could see how her son had been brutalized.