Renesmée Carlie Cullen / Nessie  Née hybride mi humaine, mi vampire en 2006 Habite Forks (Washington) Imprégniez Jacob Black, Pére Edward Cullen, Mére Bella Swan, Tantes Alice Cullen & Rosalie Hale, Oncles Emmett Cullen & Jasper Hale, Grand Pére Charlie Swan & Carlisle Cullen, Grand Mére Renée Dwyer & Esmée Cullen Crée Stephenie Meyer Interpréter par Mackenzie Foy

Renesmee is here =D. Wallpaper and background photos of Mackenzie Foy aka Renesmee Cullen for fans of Twilight Series images.

Carlisle Cullen Née Humain en 1640, Vampire en 1663 Médecin  Forks (Washington) Epouse Esmée Cullen, Fille adoptive Rosalie Hale et Alice Cullen, Fils AdoptiveEdward Cullen et Emmett Cullen et Jasper Hale, Petite Fille Renesmée Carlie Cullen Crée Stephenie Meyer Interpréter par  Peter Facinelli

Carlisle Cullen

Husband of Esme Cullen.He is the adoptive father of Emmett, Alice, Edward Cullen, and Jasper and Rosalie Hale. He is also the adoptive father-in-law of Bella Swan and adoptive grandfather of Renesmee C

I wanted to do purple bridesmaids dresses before breaking dawn I swear...Oh god, they're in a stupid twilight movie?! DAMNIT TO HELL, man!

Behind-the-Scenes Details From the Breaking Dawn Wedding

Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn:Part 1 ~ Cullen Family on Edward & Bella's wedding day ~ Emmett,Rosalie,Carlisle,Esme.Alice and Jasper