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Emma Watson's hair has chopped and changed dramatically over the years. From that pixie cut to those red carpet 'dos, we chart Emma Watson's best hair styles.

Emma Watson - The face of feminism. Ever since that powerful UN speech, Emma Watson has become the 'face of feminism', who advocates for gender equality through the campaign 'He for She'. This young women has recognised that the definition of 'feminism' is vastly different to what people believe 'feminism' to mean now.

25 Times Emma Watson Killed It In 2014

UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson arrives at the presentation of the UN Women's HeForShe campaign for gender equality in Montevideo, Uruguay, on Wednesday.

Howdy! *i laugh* My name is Wilma, but most folks call me Will. My dad, if ya can't tell, is none other than Woody the cowboy. My best friends are Jessie's son Jason and his girlfriend Breezy...Buzz Lightyear's daughter. Our parents aren't technically fairy tales, but they kinda are.  Anyway. Come say hi.

We chart Emma Watson's hair history, from child star curls to Oscars up-dos via that famous pixie crop

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My name is Annabeth Decreux. I am very artistic, athletic and smart. I was almost put in the ombrelune house and I love drawing and logic puzzles

Emma Watson---I'm missing my blonde hair and want to steal hers.

Looking for Emma Watson hairstyles Through The Years? Form short to long Emma Watson hairstyles we got it all. Access Emma Watson hairstyles photos and pick yours.

Le style d'emma watson - Emma Watson, l'éclosion d'une English Rose - L'EXPRESS

Le style d'Emma Watson en Balenciaga au BAFTA 2014

[BORN] Emma Watson / Born: Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, April 1990 in Paris, France Hermione.

100 Beautiful Pictures of Emma Watson Throughout the Years

100 Beautiful Pictures of Emma Watson Throughout the Years

Most women start out as "adorable" and only after years of striving become "elegant". Young Emma Watson managed to do both at the same time.