Emma Watson could do a master class in how to make the red carpet her own. Emma Watson's red carpet hair, make-up & jewellery with her Giambattista Valli (Spring Couture black sequin top and bow fronted skirt at the ELLE Style Awards in London, February

23 Emma Watson Hairstyles-Emma Watson Hair Pictures - Pretty Designs

23 Emma Watson Hairstyles-Emma Watson Hair Pictures

A combination of medium to long layers cut throughout the back and sides of the look brings the hairstyle natural movement and softness that is gorgeous for people with fine to medium hair. The stylish blond layers can add much style and shape to the whole look. The adorable shiny side-parted choppy layered hairstyle looks[Read the Rest]

Emma Watson' Hairstyles – Trendy Long Hair for Girls

Emma Watson Hairstyles – Trendy Long Hair for Girls. I wonder if I got my hair cut like this if it would look good

Emma Watson in a very different style. I'm really digging it - Edgy & Sexy in a totally different way to her usual self.

Scarlet starlet: Emma Watson steals the show in a little red lace and satin dress and matching lipstick at pre-Baftas party

I love emma watson. i love leather leggings. i love emma watson wearing leather leggings. My two fave things!

The Bling Ring: Cannes Film Festival Press Junket, at the 'Movie Star Lounge', Carlon Hotel, Cannes (May 17, 2013)

5 Wavy Summer Hairstyles to Try Now

Emma Watson at 2013 Cannes Film Festival, wearing Chanel signature sunglasses from the Plein Soleil Collection

I love Emma Watson so much, she is my idol

Emma Watson: Talented actress, strong feminist and UN ambassador, who loves literature and approaches fashion as a means to make the world better <--- True af.

Emma Watson

❤NEW PHOTO❤ ❥ — Emma fotografata da Kerry Hallihan per Entertainment Weekly (Marzo Crediti : Queen Watson ~EmWatson

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Emma Watson

My hair NEVER looks like that when I try to do a messy bun (Emma Watson)

“I didn’t realize how restrained I had made myself by playing Hermione and living so much in the public eye. I was very restrained and kept a tight leash on myself and was very hard on myself.

Emma Watson: September 2015 Vogue Cover Hair (

Behind The Cover: Easy Does It

Publication: Vogue UK September 2015 Model: Emma Watson Photographer: Josh Olins Fashion Editor: Lucinda Chambers Hair: Shon Ju Make-up: Sally Branka