Faded red/medium auburn, messy/braided hair "I love her makeup. #hoodedeyesmakeup http://crazymakeupideas.com/tips-for-summer-makeup/"

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My coloring - reddish-brown hair with pink/blue undertone to skin.

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Best beauty looks of the week: Emma Stone's glowing makeup and loose updo at Cannes Film Festival

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I wish I knew more about the history of PCA. Palettes from Autumn in the 80s were brighter. I hear about "you need the brightness of Autumn" for people I would not analyze into Autumn today. The thinking seems to have changed along the way. Maybe back then, she would have been an Autumn.

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I'll never be blonde, but if I was, the hair, the lipstick, the dress... yes.

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Hello I am Rose Weasley. I am the oldest of Ron and Hermione's children. I am dating Scorpious Malfoy. Come say Hi.

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