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Eminem marshall mathers slim shady b-rrabit stan like like like just for Eminem soldiers!!

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Eminem - Fan-Album

idk if Eminem's a hot stuff but I love himmmm you can't even imagine how much I love him. His songs are here for me when nobody else is.

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LANE: Rory, if my parents still get upset over the obscene portion size of American food, I seriously doubt I'm gonna make any inroads with Eminem.

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Music Life & Memories

My Chemical Romance, Black veil brides, All Time Low, Falling In Reverse, Motionless In White, I have so many more bands that get me through

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half animal, half man.dumping your dead body inside of a fucking trashcan with more holes than a napkin

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Everything seems so bleek and hopeless The light that you're seeking, it begins to seep in That's the only thing keeping you from leaping off the motherfreaking deep end And I'm pulling for you to push through this feeling And with a little time that should do the healing And by tomorrow you may even feel so good that you're willing To forgive them even after all that shit you been put through This feeling of resilience is building and the flames are burning -eminem

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