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15 Essential Items for Your Vehicle Emergency Kit

We can’t prevent accidents, but we can prepare for them. Careful preparation and foresight often the difference between surviving an accident or not. Here at StatGear, we take survival preparation very seriously and that is why we suggest an all-in-one car emergency kit with 15 essential items.

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Telephone style 1960 We used to make phone calls to random people in the phone book - 'get off the line there's a train coming!'. Very imaginative (not). More

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The FEMA X code marking system has been incredibly successful since it was widely used in Hurricane Katrina. It’s been adopted by most agencies and departments across the united states so you’ll be sure to see these post disaster. Unfortunately, there is no universally accepted list of abbreviations so you’ll have to use your brain and think about what you’re seeing as it may not be immediately obvious.

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These four river barges were converted into hospitals and used on the River Seine in France during the First World War. Find out more about the history of emergency transport. Become an emergency response volunteer.

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Neighborhood Emergency Response Handbook

Book review: The Neighborhood Emergency Response Handbook. It's like having fire department training in your hand | PreparednessMama

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Genoa composite door with integrated top and side lights in Grey with etched glass design.

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