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Printable First Aid Poster | LPT: If you have a smartphone, make a separate album in your photos ...


Gainesville Target Range | Florida's premier, members-only, shooting range and training facility | Safety, Marksmanship, Tactics | Gainesville Target Range | GTR | Gainesville, FL |


Even Expert Campers Don’t Know These 24 DIY Hacks For The Outdoors.


Having a proper Emergency Preparedness Checklist will help you be ready to react should a disaster strike. Having everyone on your team, in your building, or in your family know what their roles are is extremely important when it comes working through difficult times.

Do you know the difference between "lost" and "stranded?" Lost is not knowing where you are nor which way you should go. Stranded is [usually] knowing where you are but no one else seems to know where you are.


Survival training - Emergency preparedness training may be something that you only take for granted. In fact, during emergency situations ...

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