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Emergency Preparedness Guidance

International Pet Travel: Taking Your Pet Animal to A Foreign Country- list of countries regulations and some guidance/links

Workers are a common denominator at any disaster or novel emergency event. Protecting the health and safety of these workers by preventing diseases, injuries, and fatalities is a NIOSH Emergency Preparedness and Response Program priority.

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To Flee or Not To Flee……That is the Question Part 1 The following is Part 1(of 7) in a series of guest posts that will be running over the next week or so.

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Forum for Survival, Prepping, Preppers. Discuss Homesteading, Farming, Hunting, Food Storage, Firearms and more

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Emergency preparedness and response :: Members of the Church have been counseled for many years to be prepared for adversity. Preparation, both spiritual and temporal, can dispel fear. With the guidance of Church leaders, individual members and families should prepare to be self-reliant in times of personal or widespread emergency.

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DIY Comfort Kit for Kids

I need to include this as part of my emergency preparedness! During any time of crisis, a comfort kit for my kids could be invaluable! (Kids DIY, projects, activities)

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