Treatment Options For Diabetic Muscle Pain #dental #poker Get your free trial here- click the picture.

Basic Wilderness Survival Skills The advances in the development of outdoor clothing, equipment, emergency food and techniques have been growing rapidly in recent years. For those beginners interested in using the outdoors there is unlimited information on wilderness survival skills and equipment available. However, experience is the best teacher in any outdoor situation and your reaction in a wilderness survival situation depends on your education. Always keep in mind that it can happen…

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Amazing things can happen when you introduce Friend A to Friend B. Like when I introduced my friend @Ann-Marie Burton to my friend Karen Snider from the Canadian Red Cross. Karen blogged about what happened next in the Red Cross Canada blog.

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Infographic about heart attack, stroke, fall and prescription overdose. Give us a Like on Facebook to get more visual guides: #medical #emergencies #emt #ems #paramedic #nurse #nursing #medschool

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A full-scale disaster exercise of the Lehigh Valley International Airport Emergency Plan will take place Saturday, April 12, between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. The purpose of the exercise is for local emergency organizations to gain practice and preparedness for a mutual aid response in the event of a major aircraft disaster. The exercise will…

Good information for any prepper--survival preparedness for any and all emergencies, from natural disasters to the more mundane, like a stranded car in bad weather--the Gun Digest online editor Corey Graff has some wonderful information on HAM radio operations. Worldwide HAM radio talkers will be on the air this weekend, talking about staying prepared and getting through disasters through the use of this timeless form or communication. See the Emergency Radio blog on

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Homemade instant breakfast drink mix. (ie, Carnation Instant Breakfast). Will loves to take these to work & so easy!

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