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My dog had another litter of puppies and here are a few shots of them I took the other day :) Best Pet Insurance!


Jackhuahua Puppy Portrait Goya - Little Miss Yellow Peril Best Pet Insurance!


Jackhuahua Puppy Portrait Floozie would like to remind us just what a cute puppy she was A Little Dogs Prayer A master who is firm and kind, And understands a Doggie mind; A "Walkie" and a meal each day That's all I ask for when I pray. Best Pet Insurance!


Mad Dogs and Englishmen (Music and Lyrics by Noel Coward, 1931) In tropical climes there are certain times of day When all the citizens retire, to tear their clothes off and perspire. It's one of those rules that the biggest fools obey, Because the Best Dog Coverage!

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Goya - our pick of litter - stud fee puppy, from Bartys' last litter She is Floozies' half sister and although 25% more Chihuahua she is still all Jackhuahua Best Viewed Much Larger Than Actual Size Best Pet Coverage!