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elvis costello for alison, oliver's army, this is hell, veronica, beyond belief, my dark life, the other side of summer


When Elvis Costello Was Cruel

When He Was Cruel Elvis Costello’s memoir is most potent when it wrestles with the sins of the past—and his relationship with his bandleader father. By Carl Wilson It was 1977, the scabrous peak of punk and the heyday of the British music tabloids. Elvis Costello was doing press (frequently drunk) to promote his debut


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Elvis Costello. My nans maiden name was Costello. My dad told me elvis was his 2nd cousin. My dad is an actual liar. I never forgave him for making me feel a fool at 18 when he just couldn't let me carry on believing it. Like I had all my life. It was my own fault "when do you ever believe what your dad says". All my frigging life mother. You're going to tell me he didn't row for Oxford now aren't you?


500 Greatest Albums of All Time

500 Greatest Albums of All Time: Elvis Costello, 'This Year's Model' | Rolling Stone