Being inspired by Thranduil outfits from Hobbit, as well as the historical gowns, we tried to capture the essence of the mystery behind the elven

Elven gown elf Tunic Fantasy Fairy Costume for men made to order

Avryale - LARP Elf Ranger costume by ~Avryale on deviantART

Avryale - LARP Elf Ranger costume by ~Avryale on deviantART Moreno Jimenez

Sogno degli Elfi fata copricapo da sposa corona di AMonSeulDesir

Elven Fairy Wedding Crown Circlet Tiara Arwen Galadriel Opal Moonstone Butterfly Medieval Renaissance Jewel Elf Headdress - Made to Order

Midnight Blue Elven Costume made to order by DressArtMystery

Midnight Blue Elven Costume Elven Dress Corset made to order off Christmas sale!

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NN Blue velvet fantasy elf corset with engraved metal plates and fantasy elf long velvet dress bundle made to order