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Frozen - disney movie poster (elsa)

Elsa Poster, Price: - buy online at Film Maxi Poster: With a flick of her fingers and a blink of her eyes, Queen Elsa of Arendell transforms her kingdom into an icy landscape in the 2013 animated movie ‘Frozen’. Known as the ...

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Disney inspired princess silhouette. Button art in shabby chic decor / frame. Nursery decor. Princess Elsa / Frozen. Baby gift. Wall art

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The Test To Define Your Disney Personality

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Disney princess statistics

Miranda sings- frozen lol that would be wierd could u imagine let it goooo let it goooooo in Miranda's ongoing voice lol

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So if I were ever to be a Disney Princess, I totally want to be Elsa. Also, side note, I want to sing like Idina Menzel.