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Sealed joints. When installing a window in a tiled shower enclosure, make sure the joint between the jamb and the cementboard is sufficiently sealed with silicone caulk and a waterproofing membrane. The membrane bridging the two materials creates a stable substrate for the tile.


Social gatherings are great fun at Elliott Stables'. The Elliott Stables Epicurean Village philosophy is "Come in and sit anywhere: eat and drink from everywhere".

Elliott Stables

Elliott Stables in Auckland, Auckland

Elliott Stables


DIY Dutch Door: Turning a Hollow Core Door into a Dutch Door

Turn a core door into a dutch door (great farmhouse look) and a wonderful idea for a kids play room to keep an eye on them


For a selection of sweet crêpes or savoury gluten-free galettes, perfect for Sunday brunch or midweek lunch or dinner. Bon appétit!

Elliott Stables | Auckland