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from Mail Online

Coming up for a breather: Killer whales pictured in Arctic ice feature in new amazing Frozen Planet images

Sticking close to mum: A grey wolf with her pup near their den on Ellesmere Island, Canada


Inuit hunter, Kavavow Kiguktak, jumps from one ice floe to another. Ellesmere Is., Nunavut, Canada.


Snoozing arctic hare (Lepus arcticus) in summer pelage, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, High Arctic Canada: Wayne Lynch, Canada: Arctic & Antarctic photographs, pictures & images from Bryan & Cherry Alexander Photography.


The Netherlands are the country in europe to ban wild animals in circuses.... there is no circus with thee poor animals..who is entertained by these circuses..only those who believe animals r our to concour..when will america learn..or I forgot we nee

almost exactly this but: - corner "appliance garage" top right. - sink on double width island. - white cooker hood - range vs double oven tbc

from the Guardian

Flightless bird with giant head roamed swampy Arctic 53m years ago

Scientists said the discovery of Gastornis on Ellesmere island provided a better understanding of the consequences of a changed climate.

(PHOTO: Nunavut Tourism) World's most remote islands: Ellesmere Island, Canada (As Canada's most northerly island, you can imagine that Ellesmere is pretty cold. It is part of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and is one of the world's largest islands, where North America’s most northern community, Grise Fiord is located. Ellesmere is home to the Quttinirpaaq National Park, which covers most of the island, the huge Lake Hazen and plenty of glaciers and ice! The population of the 75,767...)