Sally Richards, the main protagonist and the train-agent from "An Star Journey: Sally's New Adventure"

I feel that if a Spider Gwen movie were to be made later on or if they ever need a younger Gwen, Elle Fanning would be PERFECT!

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Elle Fanning, “Hollywood Heroines” for New York Times Magazine, photograped by Tierney Gearon,

Elle Fanning - Nylon Magazine Outtake.

Elle Fanning Nylon Magazine Outtakes

Elle Fanning                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

(Elle Fanning) Hello, my name's Ebony. I'm 16 and the immortal daughter of Jack Frost. I was recently taken here when I heard the sound of Pan's flute one night in the Enchanted Forest when I was searching for my father, who had been taken by Pitch

How Elle Fanning Spent the Sundance Film Festival 2017

Elle Fanning’s Sundance Beauty Diary Is an Indie Dream

Elle Fanning

Deepika Padukone, Bella Hadid, Elle Fanning, Hailey Baldwin on red carpet at Festival de Cannes’ day one