Elizabeth young

U.K 1970s soap opera

crossroads cast 1970 - Mum watched this while my brother and I ate our tea.

Dame Taylor: The stunning Elizabeth Taylor poses for a close up glamor shot

Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Judy Garland captured in collection of 3 million photographs showing the glamor of Old Hollywood to be offered at auction

70s angel delight butterscotch - Google Search

Butterscotch Angel Delight, a yummy cheap pudding, we always had something sweet for pudding, this was one of my favourites, It still is my hubbies favourite flavour

I had this!

Soap with transfer on.i had these. (Definitely remember having one of these, the exact transfer, and being very disappointed when the picture disintegrated when I used it :) ).

One of the most beautiful shots I have ever seen of HRH Queen Elizabeth 2

HRH Queen Elizabeth II (as Princess Elizabeth) writing at her desk in Windsor Castle, Berkshire. (Photo by Lisa Sheridan/Studio Lisa/Getty Images). May 1944

The Sixpence was similar to a dime,they changed the coinage to a whole new, more simple system after we left the UK

The sixpence pocket money from my great gran & also remember them being saved for the gas meter

Ladybird key words reading scheme - Oh I loved learning to read these books!

Play with us. The Ladybird Key Word Reading Scheme was 36 books, and - This is the kind of childhood I dreamed of and Jay actually had.