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~ Elizabeth Warren - Wow, someone in government (besides the Pres and Vice Pres) who has a heart and is a real person.


What We Learn from Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Is the Teacher She has come to remind us who we are, or at least who we once were. She is the only one warning that conditions in the financial sector are in some ways worse now than before the collapse of 2008. Her message has gained her many powerful enemies. And it has a lot of people very eager for Elizabeth Warren to run for president.


In One Quote, Elizabeth Warren Sums Up Why We Need More Women in Politics |


Feminism and the Powers of Destruction and Creation

This stuff should go without saying, but since right wing nut jobs don't understand how the world works, Elizabeth Warren is here to very eloquently explain it to them...

Warren admits identifying herself as Native American to Harvard, tells Brown that family is off limits

"This is not a meme - it’s a quote from U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren." Amen to that!!

Hardworking men & women who are busting their tails in full-time jobs shouldn't be left in popverty. ~ Elizabeth Warren


"The game is rigged. We can whimper, or we can whine, or we can fight back. Me? I'm fighting back." -- U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)