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Elizabeth Smart says her abduction was harder on her parents than her

Elizabeth Smart thinks her 9 month kidnapping was harder on her parents than herself | Daily Mail Online


Swarovski- - I can't help thinking about Elizabeth nee' Smart ( I don't know her married name) but when she was kidnapped, one of the pictures they showed of her was one where she was in recital with her harp. We couldn't hear but it didn't matter; the way she was dressed and her "form" showed me that she could !


An amazing story of survival and triumph. I found it hard to put this down. Elizabeth tells us what she suffered without being overly graphic. I can't imagine going through what she went through and I have a huge respect for her for how she's been able to rise above the evil, vile things she went through and be happy.



Inside the mind of a kidnap victim: How Stockholm Syndrome leaves scars that last a lifetime

Inside the mind of a kidnap victim: How Stockholm Syndrome leaves scars that last a lifetime Elizabeth Smart reveals that many rape victims do not want to escape Natascha Kampusch wept when she heard her captor had killed himself

'Nine months of hell': Elizabeth Smart reflects on her brutal kidnapping

My Story, released today, narrates Smart's first encounter with Salt Lake City street fixture Brian Mitchell to her eventual rescue


David Brian Mitchell, the man who kidnapped and held now 23-years old Elizabeth Smart captive for nine months in 2002, has been sentenced to life in prison. He received two life sentences for the crime. David Brian Mitchell is a former homeless preacher and self-proclaimed prophet who was convicted in United States Federal District Court in Utah for the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping following six years in psychiatric custody.


Elizabeth Smart says she's 'really happy' nine months after baby girl

Elizabeth Smart, who endured nine months of sexual torture after she was kidnapped from her Utah home in 2002, said she is 'really happy' and that motherhood is the 'best thing ever'.