Elf warrior

The last arrow by Surimy on DeviantArt

Alyra elf form Alyra is the biggest sister of Emma. Part elf part Princess of the forest.

Jorsch. illustration of the new year is this lovely OC of Anasasiel. Anasasiel came to rescue a nearby village, but her effort was in vain, the houses are already burning. I hope you ...

English: My OC Anasasiel. Anasasiel came to save a small village on the edge of the elven empire. But her effort was in vain, the houses burned and nobo. Anasasiel by Jorsch

Thranduil's "leather feather" armour from "The Hobbit". - WOAH THIS IS SO COOL I DIDN'T KNOW IT LOOKED LIKE WINGS!!!

Thranduil's "leather feather" armour from "The Hobbit". LOTR armour is always incredibly detailed and well thought out.

Rivendell elves - Art concept

Rivendell elves - Art concept and potential elven guard/ warrior character

Elf Warrior by arijana1988 on DeviantArt

Dangerous, elegant and beautiful are the elves of Mirkwood Forest! Now you can be one of them and borrow this beautiful handmade costume from Model and.

Magus Comm 2 by YamaOrce on DeviantArt

m Elf Fighter plate sword Referência para personagem: Eagon

Gorgeous elf warrior. Looks like someone you wouldn't want to piss off.

Artists Corner - Inspirational 3D Character Concepts By RainfeatherPearl