9. Alluring animal icon on the thigh This black thigh ink shows a majestic elephant, adorned with a traditional Indian decoration. If you see this tattoo – be sure that the owner is balanced and wise.

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Thigh tattoo elephant tattoo design

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Tattoodo tattoo artist robinelizabethart: Custom tattooer and illustrator. I work at a shop in Northern Illinois- if you are in the area you s...

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12. Colorful elephant on the thigh One more very rich in vivid colors tattoo of the elephant’s head. The ink located on the thigh, but you can make such ink on every part of your body. The elephant is a symbol of peace and friendship, longevity and wisdom, devotion and inner strength, and that’s why this tattoo will be a powerful talisman for you. - source

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Elephant thigh tattoo, I love this. One day I'll have this, not on my thigh but I will have this.

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