Photograph alesandro barista by George Veltchev on Bull Elephant

'Savutie' Bulk Grazer! Bull elephant feeding along the Savuti River. Botswana by Atkinson Photography and Safaris. Join him on an upcoming trip later this year:

Bull elephant feeding along the Savuti River. Botswana by Atkinson Photography

A Third of Kenya’s African Elephants live in The Tsavo Region of Southern Kenya: Home to Two National Parks roamed by animals like: Elephants, Buffaloes, Leopards, Hippos & Lions. Photo By: Philip Lee Harvey. ( #elephant #kenya #africa #safari )

Kathleen Calahane saved to Elephants A third of Kenya’s African elephants live in the Tsavo region of southern Kenya, home to two national parks roamed by animals like elephants, buffaloes, leopard, hippos and lion // photo by Philip Lee Harvey

I chose this picture because I love how you can see the emotion and love from the mommy elephant.

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Elephant mom and baby sooooo cute. But really should stand back as mother would fight till death to protect her baby and they can knock over lorrys .

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I really want my life to be like a magazine. With every little thing in place, perfectly messy. Full of love and style. A mash of everything. My life is what I want it to be.

This elephant is so beautiful in black and white! I want to reach out and feel the texture of her skin.

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Amazing Wildlife Photography by Marina Cano / Marina Cano is a landscape and wildlife photographer based in Cantabria in the North of Spain. Her work has been published worldwide and she has won international awards, Marina has also had two books published, the first in 2009 titled 'Cabárceno' and the second published in 2012 titled 'Drama & Intimacy'.

Amazing Wildlife Photography by Marina Cano

Marina Cano, photography, animal, elephant, black and white. So adorable! Beautiful animals in a beautiful photo :)

Africa | "Follow the leader". Small herd crossing the open Plains in the north of Phinda Game Reserve. | ©Andrew Schoeman Wildlife Photography ~

Research 10 elephant parade! elephants are such wonderful, amazing is a crime against humanity and the animals for how they are treated in their native some reading surrounding the issue. it's tragic all around.