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Elephant Life Span

Bronze Elephant with a calf Sculpture by Steve Langford (cast by Wildlife in Bronze). Interesting Facts about Elephants: ◾The elephant is the largest of all land mammals ◾Life Span - elephants can live for up to 70 years ◾Elephants are able to swim for long distances ◾Elephants spend about 16 hours a day eating ◾Their tusks are of ivory and are actually enormously enlarged incisors ◾The elephant's eyes are small and its eyesight is poor ◾They have the largest brains in the animal kingdom.


Elephant Silver Plated Delicate Link Necklace National Elephant Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on September 22 which originated in 1996. People of all ages are fascinated by elephants. They are larger than life and highly intelligent animals. The average life span of an elephant is 60 to 70 years and they are develop remarkably close family bonds. #memoryofanelephant #smartasanelephant

Lucky Elephant Bag - Beautifully embroidered elephant bag, lots of space for all your stuff…. The Elephant Spirit brings power, pride and strength. Elephants are patient, even tempered, and have a long life span

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Elephants are worth 76 times more alive than dead

Elephants are worth 76 times more alive than dead Even in the midst of an international poaching boom, ivory from dead elephants can't compete with the value of seeing these impressive animals alive and in their element, according to a new report...

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The differences between the African and Indian Elephant