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Free Spanish Units

Free Spanish Units you can download! There are currently three available, and start at the very beginning, with games, activities, printables, and more. Best for early elementary.


{Affiliate links used.} I am closing out the school year with my Spanish lessons and wanted a way to review the vocabulary we have been ...


Fun for elementary Spanish. Even if it's not a required subject I think I would still try to incorporate it because kids learn faster and retain that information better than adults. Maybe have extra credit quizzes on it or something. #learn #spanish #kids


Mano Nerviosa: BEST EVER Counting Game


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Attention Getters in Spanish

Attention getters in Spanish are rhymes or songs to get kids listening. They are fun sources of language for Spanish learners. Free printable list.


This is a short TPRS story for beginning Spanish students. It has a limited vocabulary of less than 25 words, many of which are repeated throughout the story. I have set the age as 5th through 9th grade, but this story could be used with beginning students of any age (I have taught elementary, middle, and high school Spanish).I use this story as part of a unit on weather.


I like to include listening activities in my Spanish classes as much as I can. It can be seriously challenging to find good listening act...


Favorite Nursery Rhymes in Spanish

Our favorite nursery rhymes in Spanish for kids on YouTube! Songs are an amazing way to learn Spanish, even if you are not a native speaker. Start Spanish as early as possible!