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The Torus: The Code to the Universe

The human Heart is now documented as the strongest generator of both electrical and magnetic fields in the body.

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This Electromagnetic Field Around Every Person Is Depleted In Those Who Are Unhealthy | The Galactic Free Press

ARTICLE: Neuroscientist Exposes Dangers of Electromagnetic Fields

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Energy psychology addresses the relationship of energy systems to emotion, cognition, behavior and health. These systems include electrical activity of the nervous system and heart, meridians, biophotons, biofields, etc. Although psychological functioning involves thought, emotions, chemistry, neurology, genetics and environmental aspects, at an essential level bioenergy is also involved. Just as an audiotape or computer hard drive contain information in electromagnetic fields, similarly…

The human heart emits the strongest electromagnetic field in our body. This electromagnetic field envelops the entire body extending out in all directions, and it can be measured up to several feet outside of the body. Research from the Institute of HeartMath shows that this emotional information is encoded in this energetic field. HeartMath res...

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Discover why the heart's electromagnetic field is believed to act as a central synchronizing signal within the body, an important carrier of emotional information and a key mediator of energetic interactions between people.

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