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"Nurse Preparing Patient for Shock Therapy." Modern methods of electro-convulsive therapy, used to shorten periods of depression, are applied here to patient "Abbe" who has been committed to a mental hospital for emotional stress. November 20, 1951


In the 1960s Stanley Milgram carried out a series of experiments in which human subjects were given progressively more painful electro-shocks in a careful...

Washboard abs. Everyone wants them. But how do you get them? 1000000 crunches? Electro shock belts? These things might helps a little. But this comprehensive guide to getting abs that POP is really what you need.

Fetish Fantasy Shock Therpy Gloves - Want to add a little buzz to your foreplay? Nothing will do it better than a hair-raising electro massage. These Shock Therapy Love Gloves will send sensational shivers down your partner’s spine and begin proceedings like never before!

vintage Ivory Coast barbershop sign - 'Extra Coiffure.' Oil on wood panel - circa 1980's