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Electricity Power Cut

Shows of pagan pomp, pageantry, ceremonies & parades are of the world serving global agendas, not Christ's Teachings via The Holy Spirit. The monarchy, politics, & warmongering are tied up by the spiritual debt delusions against Christ & His Doctrines, wherefrom are cited in 2 Thess 2:9-12; By using networks of thought processes aligned thereto gives world leads via Christ's opponent domain for wants of power, control, greed & ego issues, not spiritual leads by Christ & His True Doctrines.

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20 Ways to Save Money on Electricity

20 Ways to Save Money on Electricity - these tips helped me cut costs on my power bill!

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FRANCIS WHEEN: Economic gloom.Terror threats. Strikes. Why Britain's going back to the 70s

The miners strikes of 1972 caused power cuts around the country. With no coal for the power stations blackouts lasting nine hours plunged Britain into darkness. I remember reading by candlelight.


Miners strike = not enough coal for the electricity power stations = 3 day working week to save the power = reduced income. Those long dark evenings playing cards by candlelight. Taking the dinner to cook in the neighbours gas oven. Then, the bin men went on strike, then the gravediggers. . . .


NBL/Paxman Type 2 Class 21 Bo-Bo D6123 at Perth on a Dundee to Glasgow express on 18th July 1966. Built by the North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow and delivered on 22nd Sept 1959. Re-engined with a more powerful engine in 1963 and re-designated Class 29. Withdrawn on 21st Sept 1971. Cut up at Glasgow Works 1971-72.

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Infographic: The hidden cost of household gadgets

Infographic: The Hidden Cost of Household Gadgets. We just started cutting off power to all of our entertainment electronics when not in use!! Who knew they sucked up so much electricity just by being plugged in.